Admissions & Patient Pathway

Our Patient Pathway & Admission Process

Patient Pathway

At your Dentist/ Surgeon’s Rooms

  • Once your surgeon or dentist has decided to do your procedure at Fordsburg Clinic, they request for Medical Aid confirmation.
  • They will book the date & time with Fordsburg Clinic.

Pre Admission

  • A friendly receptionist will call you to ensure that all your data is correct – she will email the admission forms to you to return by email or this can be done online click here. She will also instruct you on the time of admission to the clinic
  • The patient obtains the Authorisation number by phoning their Medical Aid the day before the procedure.
  • If there is a Co Payment to be paid, our reception will inform you about this. The first R1000 of the co payment will be waivered.

For co-payments above R 1000 , patients will only have to pay the balance of the stipulated amount.

Patients can also make use our instalment facility which allows them to pay the balance of the co-payment in two instalments.

Pre Operative Instructions

  • Do a COVID Test 72 hours prior to the procedure. Only patients with a COVID negative status will be done.
  • Do not eat or drink , smoke or chew gum for six (6) hours before the procedure time.

When a patient is anaesthetised, reflexes are stopped, therefore the stomach content can be inhaled into the lungs which is very dangerous.


  • Do bring the following with you:

     The Main Members ID document

     Medical Aid Card reflecting details of main member & all dependents

     Proof of authorization received from your medical aid

  • Do leave valuables – money, guns, jewellery at home
  • Ensure that you have arranged for transport home, as you cannot drive for 24hours post anaesthesia.

      Day of the Procedure

  • Ensure that you arrive timeously. Time will be advised by doctor’s rooms, & our receptionist the day before.

At Reception

  • They will ensure that all your forms are complete & correct
  • Self Pay patients will pay a provisional bill at reception

In the ward

  • The nursing staff in the ward will do your admission-

           obtaining weight, height, vital signs, do a pre operative assessment questionnaire.

  • You wait in a bed allocated to you. As soon as your doctor is ready to do your procedure, you will be accompanied by the nurse to the Operating Theatre.

Post Operatively

  • Once the procedure is done, the patient will be wheeled back to the ward.
  • The nurses will monitor your progress, you will be discharged two (2) to three(3) after the procedure, if the nursing staff is pleased with your progress.
  • After recovery, you will be offered a drink.
  • The nursing staff will call your relatives to collect you once you are ready for discharge.

COVID Precautions

Please adhere to the Infection Prevention & Control protocol of the hospital

  • Temperature checks
  • Hand Sanitising
  • Social Distancing
  • No visiting or attendants are allowed in the wards.
  • Children under the age of 16 years old, will be accompanied by one (1) parent.

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